A great camera doesn’t have to be expensive; sometimes the best tech comes from inexpensive tools. That’s certainly the case with the Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera, which gives you 4K video, slow motion, and incredible image stabilization features all at an extremely reasonable price point. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the akaso brand, they are a Chinese company that have been producing electronics since 2010. But is it really worth your money? Read on to find out more!



AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle 98FT Waterproof Camera

overall rating-4.7
ease of use-4.7
value for money-4.7

General Impression

This Akaso EK7000 PRO action camera review focuses on the most advanced of the three Akaso EK7000 cameras (Akaso EK7000, Akaso 7000 Plus, and Akaso EK7000 PRO). It is a great compact, sturdy action camera and at its price deck it offers excellent value. Although the video quality is very good, and the image stabilization does a very decent job, a fallback is that the camera doesn’t feature true 4K, but we’ll get into that later.

A great feature that we love in the Akaso EK7000 4K action camera is its ease of use with a friendly touchscreen interface and a simple remote control (both of which are included in the package). The screen and remote allow for easy switching of functions on the fly while always giving the user the option to use the main buttons to navigate the camera. This comes in handy in situations where the touchscreen can’t be accessed, for instance, when the camera has the dive housing on. Another awesome thing about this camera is that it is supplied with tons of accessories compared to other action cameras, so you’re good to go from day one. 

The image and video resolution of the camera are our main focus today and as it would seem there are conflicting opinions regarding this. The image and video quality are good and support different resolutions, although only some resolution settings support other features. For instance, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is only supported by the camera when recording at 1080p, which is the Ultra-HD format., and slow motion is only available at 720p, which is a rather low resolution. So with this in mind if you need a camera with good slow-motion capabilities, this is definitely not the camera for you – but if you are looking for a well-rounded, entry-level action camera or would just like to have a good and affordable action camera, the EK7000 4K action cam is a great choice.


  • Very friendly remote control
  • High-quality customer service
  • Includes a wide variety of accessories
  • Great compatibility with other devices for video decoding
  • The app is well designed and runs smoothly
  • Exposure settings available for different situations
  • Well-performing EIS video stabilization


  • Doesn’t support native 4K resolution
  • Slow-motion is only 720p
  • Battery life is short
  • No picture pulling from videos like some similar cameras


Video resolution
Waterproof rating
Image stabilization
Battery life
Memory card
WIFI + Bluetooth

Accessories included

Akaso EK7000 Pro
EK7000 Pro
Up to 1080p, interpolated 4K
100 ft with housing, included
2.4 x 1.6 x 1.3 in
2.1 oz
HyperSmooth with 1080p
90 minutes
Micro SD (not included)
Yes, No

AKASO EK7000 Pro Action Camera
2.4G Remote Control
Battery Charger, 1050mAh Battery (2x)
Waterproof Case
Bicycle Stand
7x Mount + 2x Clip
Helmet Mount
Bandages, Tethers (5x)
Protective Backdoor
USB Cable
Lens Cloth
Quick Reference Guide

GoPro Hero 7 Silver
Hero 7 Silver
131 ft with no housing
10 MP, w/white dynamic range
2.4 x 1.8 x 1.1 in
3.3 oz
Standard stabilization
100 minutes
Micro SD (not included)
Yes, Yes

HERO7 Silver Camera
Mounting Frame
Adhesive Mounts
Mounting Buckle
USB-C Cable
Thumb Screw

Campark ACT74
Extreme 1
Up to 1080p, interpolated 4K
100 ft with bulky housing
Sony 16MP
2.3 x 1.6 x 1.5 in
2.2 oz
180 minutes of video
Micro SD (not included)
Yes, No

Campark ACT74 Camera
Bike mount
Miscellaneous helmet and tripod mounts
Wire cables
Velcro strips
2 Batteries



These two additional models by Akaso are the two that compete with the EK7000s. In bringing up these cameras we intend to help you understand Akaso’s product range so you can see what specifications and technical features each camera has. 

The Brave 6 is an upgraded version of the Brave 4, although the 6 features a couple of extra premium perks, both cameras have 4K video capabilities, unlike the entry-level GoPro Hero 7 White, as well as image stabilization properties.

When comparing the Akaso Brave 4 to the Akaso EK7000 action camera, we see that the entry-level Brave is a better-performing option than Akaso’s most affordable camera due to it supporting image stabilization and better resolution. The only disadvantage when comparing the two is the Brave 4 has no touch screen, although it is still easy to navigate.

Both cameras are waterproof at up to 100 ft with the included housing and feature a WIFI connection.


The Akaso EK7000 4k WIFI sports action camera is the most affordable of Akaso’s action camera range. This compact camera, just as the other EK7000s and features a very user-friendly touchscreen which makes it exceptionally easy to adjust the settings. However, unlike the other models, this camera doesn’t have any type of stabilization capabilities. This is a big disadvantage and renders it almost completely useless for sports video recording.

Regardless of this, the Akaso EK7000 4k action camera has an excellent time-lapse feature that produces amazing results. And in addition to this, the camera features a 170° wide-angle lens that allows for excellent photos. 

Again, this camera offers a great value for money but we do recommend jumping to the Pro model, which is almost as cheap but offers many worthy upgrades.


This Akaso EK7000 Pro action camera review centers around this exceptional camera. The gadget is a cheap GoPro alternative that offers probably the best value for money compared to similar products on the market.

The box includes the action camera, remote, touchscreen, and a bunch of great Akaso accessories that cover almost every sport.

The Akaso EK7000 Pro connects to its app via WIFI to download, edit, and view videos and photos. The app runs smoothly and seems to connect well with the camera, it is also easy to navigate and contains all the functions present on the camera’s touchscreen, making this model overall very accessible. 

If we compare Akaso EK7000 vs. GoPro Hero, most likely to be the best advantage of the Akaso, besides its affordability, is the number of accessories included with the purchase. Unlike GoPro Hero cameras, Akaso’s EK7000 come with all Akaso action camera mounts necessary to start using your camera regardless of sport or activity.


TEKCAM kit bundle includes a waterproof camera car suction cup, mount floating handle grip and selfie stick. This kit provides a set of basic useful accessories with lots of functions, for example the floating handle grip is great for snorkeling and diving. These extra accessories will complement the existing accessories received with the purchase.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card is an ultra-fast memory card used for better performance. It has lots of storage space for high-resolution videos and perfect compatibility with the Akaso EK7000 memory card holder.

Extra Rechargeable Action Camera Batteries can keep your camera running day and night! These mitigate the need for an extra charger and will aid in solving issues with the included charger. Not to mention this accessory is also a perfect add on for long trips or long recording times. 

VVHOOY Waterproof Case Dive Housing Protective Underwater Dive Case Shell with 3 Pack Red Filter  is an awesome extra for deeper dives and means there will be less video and photo post-processing due to the implementation of different filters for different depths. 

The Deepblu COSMIQ+ has three dive modes — scuba standard air, scuba nitrox, and freedive — as well as a bottom timer mode which a diver can adjust during a dive. Here are the specs for each, which the COSMIQ+ displays on a single bright screen for easy reading:


Akaso’s EK7000 Pro a very well-rounded camera which contains many features for video and image production. This Akaso EK7000 4K WIFI sports action camera review aims to illustrate these various features and dig a little deeper to find out what this device really has to offer.

Although there are great quality Akaso EK7000 reviews out there, our goal here is to give a wholesome understanding of the overall features of the camera, as well as of its performance when it comes to water sports.

Design: the Akaso 4K WIFI sports action camera is a light and compact action camera with a fairly simple layout. The camera has three command buttons: the on/off button and two arrow buttons for easy navigation. It also has a SD memory card port, and a charging port – so it’s not necessary to remove the battery every time for charging. 

The on/off button also works as a command button to select settings. At the back, the EK7000 features a 2’’ touchscreen (which is pretty big, especially considering the camera’s price). The camera is black and red and features a silicone overlay on some parts of the device, giving it excellent grip.

Video Resolution: the camera claims 4K video capabilities at 25fps however, it’s important to note that this is actually interpolated. The term ‘interpolated’ in this context means that the camera does not really support 4K, but rather that it adds pixels to the image/video to fill for what it lacks, giving the sense of better quality. This also means that there is no native 4K format, which could be an issue for hardcore editing purposes. Therefore, in the case of the EK7000 Pro, the maximum resolution is 1080p which is then interpolated as 4K. 

This is also the case with the Akaso EK7000 WIFI sports action camera Ultra HD and is the only format in which the camera supports its HyperSmooth image stabilization, but we’ll discuss that later. From 1080p, the user can pick a lower resolution if necessary (to save battery and the likes) however videos recorded with lower resolutions can become grainy – especially in low light situations.

Another characteristic of the EK7000 action camera is that it uses an M-JPEG for encoding. This means that it compresses each video frame separately in JPEG format, which may be an advantage in bright conditions and a disadvantage in darker conditions.

Focus and colors: this device is known for having especially good focusing capabilities. It consistently seems to produce very sharp images and videos even with more difficult subjects. However, some users found the camera’s focus capabilities with grass (which is difficult for this type of cameras to focus irrespective) are not too bad but appeared to be a little blurry. 

Otherwise, the colors are crisp and vivid. Comparing it to other cameras, the Akaso EK7000 Pro has a super cool function designed for underwater environments called Diving Mode. In this mode the camera automatically adjusts white balance to compensate for the lack of color while diving, making it an excellent option for divers and snorkelers. Additionally, there are also filters that can help to balance whites when diving or snorkeling deeper. 

Unfortunately, the Akaso EK7000 has no zoom function, so it is not possible to film close-ups during the video or zoom-in on subjects for photos.

Images: using the EK7000 Pro to capture photos produces great results almost every time, this is thanks to the 16MP image sensor and wide-angle lens which allows for captures of landscapes or wider subjects. Furthermore, unlike other fully automatic action cameras, the Akaso also allows adjustment of exposure depending on the situation. 

Another great feature that helps the EK7000 Pro capture its beautifully sharp photos is its electronic image stabilization feature, which we explain below; 

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS): is achieved through a built-in electronic image stabilizer. This feature is also found in other higher-end action cameras such as the newer GoPros, but it is harder to find in other cameras within the EK7000 price range.

This feature is extremely important in sport action cameras because it allows the camera to record high-resolution video without the usual shaking and tumbling caused by motion, which is almost always present in situations where one would want to use an action camera. Another feature is HyperSmooth image stabilization, which would put it ahead of most GoPros in any GoPro vs Akaso comparison. The Akaso EK 7000 image stabilization is great for photos, helping achieve a sharper image when combined with faster shutter speed. The catch with this feature is that it only works when using the camera in UltraHD, so lower resolutions won’t support this feature and, therefore, videos that are not recorded with the camera’s highest resolution will be shaky.

App: Akaso has an iOS and Android app that lets the user control many of the camera’s features through any smartphone. This app is exceedingly straightforward and almost effortless to use. Many users claim pairing the camera to the app through the camera’s own WIFI is a smooth and painless process, so there’s no going crazy with that.

The app supports viewing the camera’s photos and videos, turning the camera on and off, adjusting most settings, and everything else that could be done from the camera’s touchscreen, just remotely.

WIFI and connectivity: the Akaso EK7000 WIFI is a reliable, built-in tool that allows the camera to connect to the app, the remote, and other devices. As with other action cameras, the EK7000 incorporated WIFI comes with a username and a password, which can be found in Akaso EK7000 PFD manual or the camera’s instructions in the box. On purchase of the device the user can enter their details in their network settings to begin downloading and viewing the camera contents and controls from their app. 

Unlike more expensive action cameras, the WIFI feature in the EK7000 Pro only supports connectivity to the app and the remote and won’t allow live streaming or other heavy-data features.

Touchscreen and accessibility: a common Akaso camera review found online is that the EK7000’s interface is very pleasant and straightforward to use. The touchscreen, which is quite big for a camera in this price deck, has intuitive, well-marked menus that allow for fast and easy navigation. It is easy to see or imagine what each function does and where each pin leads to. It is also not very complicated to figure out where each mode is and what each mode or setting does. If the touchscreen is not accessible, due to the dive housing or a similar accessory, the camera can easily be controlled through the side and front hardware buttons, the app, or even the remote.

Remote control: besides the touchscreen and app, the Akaso EK7000 Pro can be controlled via its sleek and compact remote control, which is included with the camera. When comparing Akaso EK7000 vs GoPro Hero 5’s remote, we can see that Akaso’s remote is much more efficient and intuitive; additionally, this remote doesn’t need to be turned on or off as it is automatically activated when in contact to the camera’s WIFI. The remote generates great responsiveness from the camera and features a very good distance range thereby allowing the user to be more creative with the action camera.

Slow-Motion: among the camera’s many functions is the slow-motion one and although it is great for creating certain effects for a video presentation, the resolution available for this camera’s slow-motion feature is of only 720p, which results in very grainy and low-quality videos.

However, there is a slow-motion feature that could be used in certain situations, which is better than no slow-motion at all, but we do recommend other cameras if this is an important feature for you.

Time Lapse: another feature of this incredible device is time-lapse which is supported by both, photos and videos. The photo time-lapse is a brilliant high quality effect, and, with the aid of a tripod, the camera is terrific with facilitating the creation of amazing projects. 

Sadly, the same cannot be said for video time-lapse. Although the feature is there and video quality is pretty good, the camera itself seems to have a hard time processing this format. This may be due to its not-so-powerful Sunplus chipset. Nevertheless, it is actually possible to create video time-lapses, all you need is a little patience. 

Battery: most action cameras struggle with battery life due to the heavy service they provide. The Akaso EK7000 battery performs okay when switching from one mode to another and even better when staying in a single mode.

The Akaso EK7000 battery life is supposed to last 90 minutes when recording in UltraHD mode, however this is not often the case that the user remains in a single mode for the entire period, so in actual terms the battery will only last around 30-40 minutes. The camera has been designed to compensate for this by supplying a second battery in the package, which allows the user to have a fresh battery ready when the original dies out. 

Waterproof Rating: this Akaso 4K is not waterproof at all, so it is not advisable to take it out in the rain or snow, much less in the water, without the dive housing included in the box. The housing provides a waterproof rating of up to 100 ft, making it perfect for most dives and completely suitable for all kinds of snorkeling. The housing is also great for other outdoor sports where the camera is at risk of getting wet.

This accessory doesn’t interfere with the camera’s other attachments as it is designed be compatible with different mounts and accessories. As discussed, the only function lost while using this housing is the touchscreen, but there are other control options available for these situations.

Software: one of the least discussed Akaso EK7000 specs is the software, although it’s also worth mentioning. The Akaso EK7000 software is simple, yet powerful. It’s the reason many features and modes operate as well as they do. The program supports different settings and even allows for the adjustment of a couple of settings, which are fixed in many other action cameras. An example of this is the camera’s exposure adjustment, in which the user decides what kind of exposure they want to get from their camera depending on the conditions.

Although the camera can do this automatically as well, it is usually nice to know that it can be tweaked a little if the image or video is not coming out as expected. The camera also has a few filters and modes, the one most relevant to us is the Diving Mode, which have different functions depending on different situations.

Although good overall, one lacking function means this software doesn’t quite match other cameras. This would be the lack of video and image separation, meaning that the camera won’t support ‘pulling’ photos from video frames.

Audio: the Akaso EK7000 doesn’t support USB microphones, which is a disadvantage for those who are looking for a strong audio component in their videos. However, the Akaso EK7000 microphone does record audio loud and clear, even with the housing and, although the output seems to be a little less crisp than other cameras’ it is still good enough for a variety of purposes. 

Storage: the Akaso EK7000 uses an SD card, specifically a micro SD, which is not included in the package but can be found almost anywhere. Akaso EK7000’s memory card capabilities depend on the type of card the camera is using. In general terms, UltraHD recordings and EIS perform better with ‘faster’ cards, which means that the speed at which the card reads and writes data is faster (this information is stated in the card). Also, due to the enormous file size UltraHD and 4K video files can take up on a card, we recommend using a card with a higher GB storage – this will prevent your memory from filling up too fast.

Potential Issues: some users have experienced battery lives that are shorter than normal which could be a problem with the battery rather than the camera. In these cases, it is advisable to get a second set of batteries, which is not very expensive, to compensate for the shorter duration. It is also important to know that, as with any other product, battery lives tend to get shorter as time goes by.

Another issue is that some cameras overheat very fast during operation, which reduces battery life and sometimes turns the camera off automatically. This issue was seldom reported, but it is important to note that it has happened before.

Lastly, some cameras seem to reboot automatically, freeze, or turn-off. This is a major issue that makes the camera lose functionality, but the customer service team at Akaso is known for their great support and should be able to help with a serious issue like this one.

Fairness of Comparison: due to the price differences, it is almost unfair to compare the Akaso EK7000 Pro with any of the GoPro Hero 7 models. According to many users there is almost no difference when making an Akaso EK7000 vs. GoPro Hero 4 comparison, but this GoPro model has since been discontinued and the currently available Hero 7 is far from the price level of the Akaso EK7000. With that being said, the features, resolution, and general quality of the EK7000 Pro should compete in a completely different tier. Even when competing with GoPro, the Akaso would take the lead in accessories included and, in terms of video and photo quality, the EK7000 Pro is the best and better value action camera within its price range according to several 4K UltraHD action camera reviews.

For its price, the Akaso EK7000 has amazingly useful and varied features only found in much higher-end action cameras – making it a great entry-level action camera. Even more so it is a great option for those unwilling to pay the big bucks for a fancy sports camera but still want to good quality and functionality.


The purpose of this Akaso review is to present and explain a case for a  very noble and manageable action camera which can be used for all kinds of sports.

The quality of the features, design, and practicality of the camera reviewed in this article are backed up by hundreds of great EK7000 reviews from users that have used this gadget either as an entry-level camera or a substitute for a more expensive device. The reviews almost always speak for themselves, but our goal was to bring together all that experience for those in the process of deciding if the EK7000 Pro is the right fit for them.

There were many important topics covered here but our main focus was on the general specifications and how these affect image quality and similar functionalities of the camera. The device is modest but intelligent and it offers users great value for money. This camera’s many features are still outstanding while others may fall short of your expectations. However, main advantage of this camera is that it produces an UltraHD product (not really 4K) for both, videos and photos while maintaining a very sharp image quality thanks to its HyperSmooth electronic image stabilization system.

Another great perk is that the camera comes with a bunch of accessories that make it good-to-go for almost any sport (and a second battery is also a nice touch). For water sports, the camera is waterproof at up to 100ft with the included housing and it can be used in Diving Mode for an automatic white balance correction at depth.

Overall, the Akaso EK7000 Pro is an excellent camera within its price range, most functions and modes are awesome, and it seems to have very few painstaking point – excepting the slow-motion quality and the fact that it doesn’t actually support native 4K formats, but, as long as you don’t need the camera for professional use or hardcore editing, the UltraHD resolution should be more than fine!


What’s in the box: Akaso EK7000 Pro?

The Akaso EK7000 Pro comes with many accessories, so you get everything you need to start using your camera for anything you like. The box comes with a dive housing, a remote control, the camera, many different mounts, two batteries, and charging cables.

How do I connect my Akaso EK7000 to WIFI?

The Akaso has a built-in network with a unique name and a password. This information usually comes in the instructions but to connect to it, go to the network settings on your smartphone, select the camera’s network, enter the password, and go to the Akaso app to finish the process in order to control the device from there.

Does the Akaso EK7000 have image stabilization?

Yes. However, it is important to note that it is only available when shooting and recording in the highest resolution (1080p).

How long does a 1050MAh battery last? 

It depends on how you’re using it but anywhere from 40-90 minutes.

How does the Akaso EK7000 connect to a PC?

The Akaso can be connected to a PC through the supplied PC cable or files can be downloaded directly from the SD card to a PC.

What is the Akaso EK7000 SD card size?

The Akaso EK7000 Pro uses a Micro SD card.

How to use a 4K ultra HD action camera correctly?

This will depend on what mode you use, for videoing selecting the right resolution in the video setting menu is important; for time-lapses selecting the right resolution and rate in the respective menu is imperative and for photos, selecting the exposure and speed in the respective menu will make a significant difference. If you are using the 4K or Ultra HD features, the camera needs to be set to the highest resolution and it is advisable that you also turn on image stabilization for the best results.

Is the remote for Akaso EK7000 waterproof? 


Is a 4K video camera worth it?

Yes, it is a great way to record your trips, adventures or any activity you do. The size and weight of most action cameras is negligible, which makes them great for traveling and taking them wherever you go.

Akaso vs GoPro – Which action cam to buy?

It mainly depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you want something affordable, then the Akaso is your best choice, however if a more professional quality is important to you then consider investing in a GoPro.

Which Akaso camera is best?

The Akaso EK7000 Pro is the best and newest action camera by the brand currently.

What is the best waterproof camera for snorkeling?

The Akaso EK7000 Pro as well as the GoPro Hero 7 Black (which is the only model suitable for housing) as well as previous GoPro models are great for snorkeling. The EK7000 Pro has the added benefit of color correction underwater, which makes it especially suitable for this activity.

Where to buy the Akaso 4K camera?

Amazon is a great choice, although many retailers and outdoor stores may have it in stock if you want to check it out physically. 


As always, we create our content with you, fellow adventurers, in mind. So, how’d we do? Did you find this informative? Did it help you make a decision? Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear from you below. Thanks for reading and we hope your next adventure is a great one!

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