Are you new to fishing or an experienced freshwater angler looking to expand your hunting grounds to include the coast? Either way, you’ll need a surf fishing rod. They are better for shoreline fishing than traditional surf fishing rods. There are a lot of choices available and a variety of features to consider. We’ve reviewed the ten best surf fishing rods for 2023 to help you choose the best surf fishing rod for your budget and angling goals. If you’re new to fishing or only have freshwater experience, you might want to jump straight down to our buyer’s guide. It explains the types of surf rods and all of the different features available. Our FAQs might help answer any questions you have on surf fishing gear and the best surf fishing rods.

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Surf Spinning Fishing Rod GOTURE

★★★★★lightweight Goture Surf fishing rod

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Surf Spinning Fishing Rod FIBLINK

★★★★★Fiblink surf spinning best surf fishing rods

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Surf Fishing Rod & Reel DR. FISH

★★★★★Carbon Fiber DR. FISH Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


FIBLINK Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


Fiblink surf spinning best surf fishing rods

General Impression

The Fiblink surf spinning surf fishing rod is a durable carbon fiber rod that has improved performance and sensitivity and rated the best surf fishing rods. The guides are made from stainless steel mixed with ceramic to minimize friction and enhance sensitivity. The handle is made from non-slip rubber with a tapered rear grip, for maximum comfort, strength, and durability.


BRAND: Fiblink
SIZES: 9′, 10′, 11′, 12′, 13′,15′
GRIP: Non Slip Rubber Shrink Tube


  • Carbon fiber
  • Non-slip rubber handle with tapered rear grip
  • Stainless steel and ceramic guides
  • Available in multiple lengths and 2 and 4 pieces set


  • Rod tip is fragile

DR. FISH Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


Carbon Fiber DR. FISH Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

General Impression

It’s one thing to buy surf fishing rods and it’s a completely different thing to buy a combo with everything you need for surf fishing. The Dr. Fish surf combo comes with a surf fishing rod, reel, saltwater lures, and terminal tackle. It’s made from a combinator of carbon fiber and graphite, with stainless steel guides and ceramic guide rings. The spinning reel is 9000 and has triple carbon fiber drag discs to give you a dragging power of 35lbs. This surf fishing rod is amongst the best surf fishing rods.


BRAND: Dr. Fish
SIZES: 12′


  • Size 9000 spinning reel
  • Triple carbon fiber drag discs with up to 25lbs drag power.
  • Fishing rod, reel, saltwater lures, terminal tackle, pyramid weights included in combo


  • Reel has no anti-reverse features
  • Not suitable for more experienced anglers

GOTURE Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

General Impression

The Goture Surf fishing rod is a lightweight fishing rod made from carbon fiber blank construction. Coupled with corrosion-resistant K guides and SIC ceramics inserts, it allows for frictionless and smooth casting. It comes in 4 pieces, ranging in length from 9-18 feet. The Goture Surf Spinning surf fishing rod also has a 1 year warranty.


BRAND: Goture
SIZES: 12′


  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant K guides
  • SIC ceramics inserts
  • Varying length from 9 to 18 feet
  • 1-year warranty


  • Prone to breakage as reported by some users

BERRYPRO Surf Fishing Rod

General Impression

The Berrypro Surf Fishing Rod is made with IM7 X-carbon technology that makes the surf fishing rod both sensitive and powerful at the same time. The guides are made from enhanced stainless steel with ceramic rings. For better control and comfort, the grip is made from soft EVA. It comes in varying lengths, with up to 9+1 guides, and two pieces in a set.


BRAND: Berrypro
SIZES: 9′,10′,10’6″, 11′, 12′
GRIP: High density EVA and a rubber cap


  • Durable and affordable
  • IM7 X- carbon technology
  • Enhances stainless steel guides and ceramic rings
  • Varying lengths and guides


  • Problems with the guides reported by some users


General Impression

On the pricier end of surf fishing rods, the Tsunami Airwave is sure worth it. It’s made from high-density fiber blanks which results in a lightweight, powerful, high-performance surf fishing rod. The Airwave surf version features Fuji Hardloy guides that provide less friction and more sensitivity. It’s 12’ in length, with a line weight between 20-40 lbs and lure weight between 4-6 oz.


BRAND: Tsunami
SIZES: 12′
GRIP: Textrued vinyl


  • High-density fiber blanks
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Fuji Hardloy guides


  • Not suitable for heavier baits

DAIWA Seahunter Surf Rod

General Impression

The Daiwa Seahunter surf fishing rod is made from quality carbon fiber. The guides are made from Salwaterproof titanium oxide guides, with a tip that glows up in the dark. It’s 13 feet in length but packs to 4.46 feet for easy transport. It has 3 parts, 7 guides, and a casting weight of 3.52 -8.81 ounces.


BRAND: Daiwa
SIZES: 13′
GRIP: Shrink Tube


  • Salwaterproof titanium oxide guides
  • High-quality carbon fiber
  • 13 feet in length, transport size 4.46 feet


  • Slightly more expensive option


General Impression

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik is a product that is far prettier than its name implies. Shakespeare is a name that many anglers hold a large amount of respect for. And the Ugly Stik is yet another product that deserves that respect, as the graphite and fiberglass rod is indeed very handy. Every Ugly Stik is made with a graphite interior, and a fiberglass exterior. This is done to combat the elements and prevent corrosion. However, the unique surf fishing rod combo also makes for a very sensitive piece, which is ideal for detecting even the smallest of fish.


BRAND: Shakespeare
PRIMARY MATERIAL: Fiberglass and graphite
SIZES: 12’
GRIP: Lightweight EVA foam


  • Balanced and sensitive
  • Tough and durable
  • Clear tip design
  • Single piece construction


  • Foam handle can be slick
  • Casting can be difficult

ST. CROIX Mojo Surf Fishing Rod

General Impression

Another high-quality St. Croix Surf Fishing rod on our list, the Mojo is unparalleled in performance. The Mojo rod is made from premium quality SCII Carbon and FRS combination for extra strength and durability. The ‘X-WRAP’ handle provides you with a comfortable and strong grip when casting. With weight-saving guides and zirconium rings for less friction and more sensitivity.


BRAND: St. Croix
SIZES: 7′, 9′
GRIP: Custom “X-WRAP” handle


  • 5-year warranty
  • Premium SCII Carbon and FRS combination
  • X-WRAP handle
  • Zirconium rings


  • Available only in 7 and 9 feet

PENN Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

General Impression

A day on the shoreline with a Penn Prevail is sure to be a great day. The graphite constructed surf fishing rod is an ideal option for those looking to toss their lines way out into the surf. It is strong and flexible, yet easy to whip around. However, one of the most notable traits that the Prevail has is a carbon shield. The carbon shield is a thin material that wraps around the blank, providing another line of defense against the elements. Overall, the rod looks clean, performs well, and can take a beating like a real champ. It also doesn’t hurt that it comes in two pieces, which makes it very easy to travel with.


SIZES: 12’
GRIP: Rubber shrink tube


  • Wind grips
  • Sensitive graphite blank
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • Ideal for plugging
  • Additional carbon shield


  • Guide inserts can pop out

ST. CROIX Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

General Impression

The St. Croix Triumph is no doubt one of the best surf fishing rods on the market. Similar to many of the other best surf rods, the Triumph offers a load of power and durability. The blank is constructed of SCII graphite, providing an enormous amount of power, while also offering delicate sensitivity. Furthermore, anglers looking for a durable piece of equipment can undoubtedly rely on the Triumph. Two coats of finish are applied to the blank, which allows it to flex and bend without sustaining any damage. As a result, anglers can cast their bait great distances, while also having the ability to land monster fish. Overall, the St. Croix Triumph truly is a winner, which dozens of other surf fishing rod reviews can attest to.


BRAND: St. Croix
SIZES: 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 10’6
GRIP: Taped custom cork


  • Superb blank construction
  • Sensitive yet powerful
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-quality finish


  • 4 piece rod
  • Low-quality travel bag

Buyer's Guide

What is a surf rod?

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give a man a surf rod, and he will eat for a lifetime.

Surf rods are a variant of the traditional fishing rods that were invented nearly four thousand years ago. They consist of a long flexible material, which is then mounted with a reel and set of guides to handle the line. However, unlike traditional freshwater rods, surf rods are specially designed to be used from the shoreline. As such, they are typically longer, stiffer, and made to hurl a lure a far greater distance.

Similar to freshwater rods, surf rods come with a variety of features that help anglers more efficiently catch fish. Some models are notoriously stiff and rigid to help deal with large fish, whereas others are more lightweight and flexible to help detect bites.

However, there are also a variety of features that an angler should take into consideration before purchasing a rod. The length, action, blank material, power, and handles are all equally important factors, which can affect the performance and functionality of a setup.

Spinning Vs. Casting Rod

Those who are new to fishing typically choose to start their venture into the sport with a spinning rod. Spinning rods are, for the most part, more basic than casting rods, allowing both adults and children to learn quickly.

Spinning rods place the reel on the underside of the rod, as well as the guides. A bail is then attached to the top of the reel. The bail is a simple metal piece that flips and allows the line to be set free. Anglers must only flip the bail in order to toss their lines out to sea. The process is fairly direct and straightforward, making the learning curve very short.

However, spinning rods are not the greatest option for surf fishing. Anglers are much better off using a casting rod.

Casting rods place the reel on the top of the blank, as well as the guides. The line then has much more freedom of motion, allowing the bait to be cast far greater distances. The most notable difference between a casting and spinning rod lies in their power.

Casting rods have far more power and are much better for fighting big fish or tossing lures greater distances. Thus, an angler fishing a lengthy shore is better off with a casting rod, rather than a spinning rod. Nevertheless, a spinning rod will do just fine in many places too.

Blank Material

Though many anglers refer to it as the rod, the flexible material which makes up the entire length of a fishing rod is appropriately named the blank.

Of all the rod’s components, the blank of the rod affects the utility of the setup the most. It makes up almost the entirety of the tool and is the component which is responsible for holding the guides and reel. All of the best surf fishing rods are made with high-quality materials such as carbon or graphite.

Thus, it is essential to select a blank material that forms a solid surf rod and achieves all the needed goals associated with surf fishing.

There are three main types of blank materials which can be used for surf fishing: graphite, fiberglass, and composite.


Graphite is a material that is both incredibly stiff and sensitive. As a result, anglers can feel even the gentlest of nibbles from fish on the shoreline. Avid fishermen often use graphite to catch smaller fish, as it is easy to set the hook and determine when there is something on the line. However, the lightweight material doesn’t offer a lot of durability and often snaps if a large fish puts too much pressure on the rod.


Fiberglass, on the other hand, is a material that is far stiffer, and more suitable for large catches. The material has far more power than graphite, allowing anglers to pull harder and put more tension without as much risk of snapping the setup.


Finally, there are composite rods. As the name suggests, composite rods are a mixture of materials such as boron, graphite, fiberglass, or other flexible compounds. Due to the unique combination, composite rods are often quite sensitive, but still provide substantial power.


Surf rod length can make a huge difference when fishing from the shoreline, compared to fishing from a boat. A rod 12′ in length is able to cast bait farther than a 9′ rod, due to the extra leverage.

However, leverage is imperative for anglers that need to toss lures past the waves and into areas where fish reside. Thus, purchasing a longer rod is ideal for conditions where the tide may be rough, or where the shoreline is a considerable distance from the desired areas.

Surf fishing poles can range anywhere from 9-14′, though most anglers prefer longer products. Shorter lengths are more efficient for precision casting, whereas longer are more efficient for distance.

Additionally, a longer rod makes it easier to reel in larger fish, as it offers more durability.


The action component of a rod can be a make or break for many fishermen.

The term refers to the point where the rod bends when pressure is applied. Action is measured by speed, as there are typically slow, medium, and fast action rods.

Slow action rods are the least sensitive, as they bend more than any other category. When pressure is applied, a slow action rod bends in the center, allowing it to make a wide U shape. These rods are best for casting extreme distances and fighting small fish that may spit the hook. Due to its extreme flexibility and capacity to store energy, slow action takes the prize for being the longest casting surf rod.

Medium action rods tend to bend in the upper middle of the rod, giving the piece a healthy balance of flexibility and strength. Such a rod is an outstanding choice for anglers looking to reach great distances, but also fight varying sizes of fish. Many may consider this category to offer the best surf fishing rods.

Fast action rods, on the other hand, behave far different from the prior two. Such a rod bends towards the very tip, which makes the piece extremely sensitive to even the most gentle of bites. While they aren’t the best long distance surf casting rods, they are very useful for setting the hook. Anglers searching for fish which are hard to detect can often feel the bites with a fast action rod.


Power is the simplest of all rod characteristics. The term refers to the amount of pressure needed to bend a rod, as well as the amount of lifting strength that a piece has. Rod power is measured on a spectrum from heavy to ultra-light. A heavy power requires a great deal of strength to bend, whereas an ultra-light requires just the lightest touch.

As the power increases from light to heavy, so too does the lifting capability. Thus, anglers going for larger catches must equip themselves with a heavier surf fishing rod and reel.


The least important factor when choosing a surf rod is the handle. Handles on surf rods are far longer than handles on freshwater rods, as they are essential when fighting fish. However, handles can be made of two primary materials – cork and foam.

Cork though, is a better choice for saltwater anglers, as it is more responsive and less likely to be corroded by the salty water. However, the quality of cork varies immensely. Typically, the more expensive the rod, the higher quality cork.


What is a surf rod?

A surf rod is a variant of the traditional rod which has been used to catch fish for thousands of years.

In basic terms, a surf rod is a variant which is specialized for saltwater fishing. They are created with corrosive resistant material and fashioned to catch larger fish. Moreover, surf rods are often designed for baitcasting reels, which place the reel on top.

The unique combination allows for the rods to be far stiffer, longer, and more powerful. As a result, they are designed to be used from the shoreline, as their name suggests.

What is the best surf rod for under 200 dollars?

The best surf fishing rod under 200 dollars is the St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod.

The St. Croix Triumph meets all of the essential needs that anglers demand. It is lightweight and easy to handle, yet it also is wildly powerful. For many, the rod can function as the all-purpose piece to take on nearly all trips.

However, one of the most impressive aspects of the rod is the quality material which it is comprised of. The design consists of a graphite blank, a custom cork handle, and a slow cured finish. As a result, the rod is extremely durable and can take a beating from the elements. The St. Croix Triumph is, without a doubt, one of the best surf rods for the money.

What is the best rod length for surf fishing?

A vital factor to consider before purchasing a piece is figuring out the right surf fishing rod length.

The length of a rod can significantly influence its utility. Short rods in the 7’-9’ range are ideal for accurate casting, whereas longer rods in the 10’-14’ range are ideal for distance. Furthermore, shorter rods are better suited to smaller fish, while longer rods are better suited to larger fish.

However, the best rod length for surf fishing is 12’. 12’ rods offer a unique blend of power and performance. Anglers can hurl bait far into the sea with a 12’ pole, even if it isn’t the best surf rod for distance.

What is the longest casting surf rod?

The longest casting surf rod is a 15’ rod equipped with a baitcaster reel. 15’ long distance surf casting rods can hurl bait farther than any other variant.

The 15’ surf fishing rod and reel combo has two main advantages that other sizes and reels don’t. The most obvious detail is that 15’ rods are the longest offered. Each extra foot of length offers more casting power.

The next factor to consider is the baitcaster reel. A baitcaster reel holds more line than a spinning reel and allows for anglers to use lures that weigh more.

Thus, when anglers hurl out their lure, they have far more stored energy than they do with a light lure on a spinning real.

Ultimately, the 15’ rod with a baitcasting reel truly is the trick for having one of the best casting combos, and indeed the best surf casting rod for distance.

What size rod for surf fishing?

Anglers can choose from a variety of sizes for surf fishing. Nearly all rods range from 7-15’, giving anglers a wide variety of options.

However, anglers must choose a rod length based on their desired outcome. 7’-9’ rods are best for short casting and fighting smaller fish. They present more sensitivity and give an angler more accuracy when casting.

10’-15’ rods are the best surf casting rods for distance and fighting large fish. They offer more power, and the ability to hurl a lure further out into the sea.

How to rig a surf fishing rod

One of the most basic types of rigs is the flapper rig. This type of lure consists of a set of ‘flappers’ which are extra pieces of line with hooks that are attached to the body line.

To create a flapper rig, tie the extra pieces of line to the body. This can be done by attaching a swivel to the body with beads and locking crimps. The swivel then allows the flapper to move around, while the locking crimps and beads keep it in place.

What is the best type of rod for surf fishing?

The best type of rod for surf fishing is a baitcaster surf rod. The baitcaster rod is the variant which holds the most amount of line and allows anglers to capture the largest of fish.

The variant is exemplary for many reasons, most notably the amount of power it offers. The guides are set on top of the blank, as well as the reel. As a result, the shaft can be longer and more durable, presenting more power.

However, baitcasters usually are not cheap surf rods. They can cost far more, but when equipped with one of the best surf casting rods, they are a powerful combo.

What tackle do I need for surf fishing?

Surf fishing poles require slightly different tackle than deepwater poles.

Fish caught just off the shoreline often feed on different prey than those in deep water. Thus, it is critical to match lures and bait with the correct prey.

Some of the most popular bait pieces are crabs, squid, shrimp, and sand fleas. These pieces of bait are the same prey that fish feed on, making them very ideal for attracting fish.

However, anglers can also use artificial lures such as crankbaits, jig spoons, and worms. Each lure is designed for a specific situation; thus, it is important to research an area before buying lures.

What is the best spinning reel for surf fishing?

The best spinning reel for surf fishing is the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG. The quality of the reel can be seen in its many different parts, which are all buffed for saltwater fishing.

What makes the Shimano Stradic so great is the Ci4+ carbon which it is made from. The material is super lightweight, and also very resistant towards the elements. Sand, salt water, and spray simply can’t wear the piece down, due to its anti-corrosive properties. Though the reel is created to be used with a Shimano surf rod, it works just fine with any other spinning brand.

Best of all, the product is super easy to use and is simple enough for even the newest of anglers to handle. Pair the Ci4+ with the best surf spinning rod to catch more fish than possibly imaginable.


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