Water shoes are a must-have accessory for any adventure lover. This piece of equipment allows you to go from wet to dry conditions seamlessly, therefore letting you explore much more than you ever thought.

With all the different options in the market, however, picking the best water shoes for women may seem like a daunting task.

Fear no more, we’re here to help..

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a water shoe is its materials and their quality. Contact with water customarily spoils and deteriorates most materials. It also does so quickly. It is thus a good idea to choose a shoe manufactured with water-resistant and wicking materials.

The second aspect to consider is the functionality of the shoes ie, “what are you using these shoes for?” More leisurely activities such as running on the beach, boating, briefly going into the ocean, sailing shoes and so forth, may require a different sort of shoe than, say, snorkeling, hiking through streams and waterfalls, and traveling. While most water shoes for women have a sneaker-like design (also being the most functionality-neutral) other kinds of designs tend more either to hiking shoes or to snorkeling booties.

Finally, a third and very important aspect is shoe design. Features such as drainage systems, breathability, grip, and fit vary from shoe to shoe and, ultimately, stand to make a shoe an ideal match to its wearer.

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Women's Quick Drying Water Shoes DLGJPA

★★★★★DLGJPA Women's lightweight sneaker design Quick Drying Water and hiking Shoes

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Women's Quick Dry Shoes NORTIV 8

★★★★★NORTIV 8 Women’s lightweight Quick Dry Shoes for Snorkeling and hiking

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Athletic Hiking Water Shoes JIASUQI

★★★★★JIASUQI Athletic lightweight women Shoes for Snorkeling and Hiking


NORTIV 8 Women's Quick Dry Shoes


NORTIV 8 Women’s lightweight Quick Dry Shoes for Snorkeling and hiking

General Impression

Featuring a lightweight, quick-dry, and breathable material, the Nortiv 8 women’s shoes are the ideal companion for any outdoor activity. The non-slip rubber sole has a unique pattern that has a high-traction grip and prevents any slipping. To speed up the drying process, the sole also features 10 drainage holes, so you won’t be left with a puddle in your shoes.

All of the materials are flexible, so they’re very easy to carry around but also feel very comfortable on your feet, no matter the activity. They’re also elastic around the ankle and feature bungee laces that are adjustable to fit your foot perfectly. The insoles are cushioned and made from soft EVA with holes on the outside for quick drainage. Not only will your feet be dry within minutes, but you also won’t feel muscle fatigue from physical straining. All these aspects contribute to these shoes being rated the best water shoes for women.


MATERIAL: Mesh upper, rubber sole, cushioned EVA insole
SOLE: Rubber sole with 10 drainage holes
WEIGHT: Very lightweight and flexible
BEST SUITED FOR: Any outdoor activity on land or in the water


  • Cushioned insoles with holes for better drainage
  • Textured rubber sole with high-traction grip and 10 drainage holes
  • Lightweight, flexible, and breathable, materials


  • Sizing is smaller than normal

JIASUQI Athletic Hiking Water Shoes


JIASUQI Athletic lightweight women Shoes for Snorkeling and Hiking

General Impression

The JIASUQI, amongst the best water shoes for women, are made from a Spandex fabric and feature a rubber non-slip sole, ideal for any sports from hiking to swimming and everything in between. They come in an array of colors and designs, so not only will your foot be comfortable and protected, but you’ll also be stylish! The material is quick-drying, breathable, and flexible, providing you with maximum comfort whether you’re walking or swimming.
The insoles are flexible as well, made from a soft EVA material that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. There are no zippers or laces, so you can easily put on and take off the shoes. However, the lack of a conventional closure method doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the shoes to your needs. They do feature static elastic laces and a velcro strap on the top, with which you can adjust them to your liking.


MATERIAL: Spandex upper, rubber sole, EVA insole
SOLE: Anti-slip rubber sole for higher traction
WEIGHT: Very lightweight, perfect for travelling
BEST SUITED FOR: Anyone who wants comfort without having to break the bank. Any outdoor activity on land or in the water


  • Flexible, lightweight materials
  • Flexible and soft EVA insoles
  • Rubber non-slip soles


  • Soles a bit slippery

DLGJPA Women's Quick Drying Water Shoes

General Impression

These stylish water shoes for women come in a lightweight sneaker design perfect for traveling, hiking, and any water-related activity for a close call when it comes to the best water shoes for women.
The water shoes for snorkeling feature an engineered, breathable mesh upper that wicks water and sweat away from the foot and out to the sole for comfort. They are also equipped with strategic drainage holes that allow for an outward flow of water to keep you going. The upper’s material is also highly wear-resistant, making these some of the best water shoes for women for hiking and other activities in rough terrain. The shoes are also equipped with a ComforDry sock liner that helps keep the foot dry and in place.

The midsole is made of lightweight and cushioned Solyte material for added durability and comfort, while the Water Grip outsole allows for extra traction in any type of conditions, making it perfect for exploring reefs and rock pools. The sole also features well-designed drainage holes that make it very fast-drying and help keep the shoes light and comfortable.

The style and weight of the shoes make them perfect for those who like to travel light and appreciate convenience; they are great for traveling, hiking, running, and even other water activities such as snorkeling.

The variety of different colors, together with their sporty look and comfortable fit, make these some of the best water shoes for women.


MATERIAL: Solyte midsole, engineered mesh upper, Water Grip outsole
SOLE: Solyte for reduced weight and cushion, Water Grip material for traction and durability
WEIGHT: Very lightweight, perfect for traveling or carrying
BEST SUITED FOR: Anyone looking for versatility and comfort without breaking the bank. Any outdoor activity on land or in the water


  • Extended durability, sturdy for rough conditions
  • Very lightweight
  • Nice, snug fit
  • Great traction thanks to high-quality materials
  • Stylish and sporty look


  • Small at the front toe area

SUOKENI Women's Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes

General Impression

SUOKENI’s design places great importance on safety and protection. Unlike many water shoes for women, which feature holes and sandal-like designs, these full-coverage shoes protect the feet from external hazards, especially those found in the sea, rocky riverbeds, waterfalls, and other similar places.

Despite the full coverage, the shoes perform great at wicking water away thanks to their amazing drainage systems throughout the foot; also, the upper is 90% fabric, which lets them dry extremely fast and lets you comfortably wear them all day long.

The upper also features zig-zag elastic bands on the sides that give the shoe a great visual accent while offering a snug, comfortable fit. On top of this, the shoes are equipped with convenient bungee laces for easy on and off.

The sole features excellent grip and traction in uneven and wet surfaces, making it the perfect reef shoe for snorkeling, walking on the beach, or tackling rocks and slippery surfaces when. The sole is made of rubber for extra cushioning and is carved with strategically-placed drainage holes that let water easily escape, drying the shoe in no time.

As mentioned earlier, SUOKENI’s design focuses deeply on protection, so their swim shoes are engineered to protect the toe from external influences and avoid injury as much as possible.


MATERIAL: 90% fabric upper, elastic bands, rubber sole
SOLE: Lightweight and high-traction rubber sole
WEIGHT: Light, fast-drying for reduced weight
BEST SUITED FOR: Anyone looking for added safety and protection. Perfect for going in the water and rocky/uneven terrains


  • Full-coverage for added protection
  • Very snug fit through elastic straps
  • Extremely good traction for difficult surfaces


  • Front of shoe is small

MISHANSHA Women's Water Shoes Quick-Dry

General Impression

These sleek shoes are the perfect companion for all sorts of activities like yoga, walking, surfing, snorkeling, boating, and much more.

Their small and extra lightweight design makes for an extremely comfortable shoe that you can wear wherever you go.

These water shoes for women have a well-thought design that fits like a second skin around the foot and stays in place no matter what. This is also achieved thanks to their spandex fabric upper that snuggly wraps around your foot while being ultra-breathable and stretchy for added comfort and ventilation. Made of high-quality rubber, the sole also features drainage holes at the bottom for a continuous water flow with every step. It is also very durable and elastic and features a bold, camo design.

The shoe’s bungee laces come with a drawcord for added customization and a convenient pull tab for quick and easy on and off.

One of this snorkel shoe’s best features is its softness and elasticity, which allows for easy bending and wringing of the shoe without it losing its shape. This construction also allows for a more ergonomic fit and the ability to grip better onto rocks and other uneven surfaces.

The shoe comes in 20+ styles and colors for every taste and personality.


MATERIAL: Spandex fabric upper, rubber sole
SOLE: Lightweight and bendy rubber sole
WEIGHT: Extremely lightweight
BEST SUITED FOR: People who want a sleeker, more adaptable shoe. Water activities requiring better grip such as surfing, windsurfing, and boating; although they are also great for yoga, snorkeling, working out, or just walking


  • Extremely bendy while keeping their shape
  • Easy on and off
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Sleek and snug design


  • Lacing system faulty

ZHUANGLIN Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

General Impression

The ZHUANGLIN shoe’s design, materials, features, and price make them, without a doubt, one of the best water shoes for women out there.

Surprisingly, unlike other shoes in their category, they feature a lace-free, slip-on design, which, with the help of two clever front and back pull tabs, makes them way easier to put on and off. This makes them a super convenient grab-and-go option.

The air mesh upper is made of 90% fabric for easy and quick-drying and for reduced weight. This allows the shoe to drain well while keeping the feet comfortable and cool for extended periods of time, making it some of the water shoes for women for snorkeling. The upper also features strategically placed seams that create a better, more customized fit that wraps around the foot from the sides.

For added protection, the shoes have a suede toe tip that keeps the toes safe. This feature also improves durability and adds style.

The Solyte midsole delivers excellent grip and cushion for all kinds of activities. The drainage holes at the bottom of the sole let water easily escape while also providing extra grip and bounce-back.

For extra traction and extended durability, these snorkel shoes also have a Water Grip outsole, which makes them the perfect companion for chasing waterfalls, snorkeling, tackling muddy paths, and taking long strolls at the beach.


MATERIAL: Breathable, mesh (90% fabric) upper, suede toe tip, Solyte midsole, Water Grip outsole
SOLE: Lightweight and cushioned Solyte midsole, high-traction Water Grip outsole
WEIGHT: Very lightweight
BEST SUITED FOR: People on the go – A variety of sports, land or water-based


  • Lace-free; easy on and off
  • Stylish and protective
  • Very high-traction through high-quality materials
  • Efficient water drainage


  • None

MERRELL Women's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

General Impression

Merrell’s All Out Blaze are probably one of the best water shoes for women, although they do lie a bit more on the pricey side.

These aqua shoes are basically the amphibian version of any Merrell hiking shoes, complete with the same quality and durability that sets the outdoor brand apart.

These shoes are made with some of the highest-quality materials, making them extremely sturdy and ready to withstand any terrain, in the water and on land. For starters, the upper is made of stretchy Neoprene, a perfect material for contact with water and which also makes the shoe comfortable and snug.

The sole is made of TC5+Vibram and features lugs for water drainage. The shoe also features a softer insole for added cushioning and comfort.
Although the shoe has no drainage holes, the sandal-design lets the water easily escape, so you can go into streams, waterfalls, and the ocean without an issue.

For added cushioning and support, these water shoes for women feature a 1-inch sole width that protects the foot while delivering great comfort during extended periods of time. It also comes in a variety of different colors to satisfy every need and taste.


MATERIAL: Waterproof leather and stretch Lycra® neoprene on the upper, TC5+Vibram outsole, UniFly midsole
SOLE: TC5+Vibram outsole for traction, UniFly midsole for cushioning
WEIGHT: Heavier than other models due to design
BEST SUITED FOR: Hikers. Extreme activities in difficult tracks and more rugged terrains


  • Extremely high-quality materials
  • Very high durability
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Very well suited for difficult terrains
  • Protective through sturdy materials


  • Sole is made of a hard rubber

RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport 2-W

General Impression

Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport 2-W are versatile shoes, specifically designed for water sports but can also accompany you to other outdoor activities as well. The Ryka Hydro sport 2-w has a very stylish design that doesn’t come at the expense of functionality. The insoles are made from soft EVA foam that has several drainage points, so aside from no muscle fatigue, your feet will also dry quicker.

The soles are also highly flexible, with several drainage points on the bottom for a quicker flow of water. Additionally, the soles have a non-grip texture that allows high traction, especially on wet surfaces. They come in a variety of colors and design combinations, with adjustable bungee laces for easy in and out, even when wet.


MATERIAL: Large Mesh upper, TPU quarter cage, rubber sole, EVA foam insoles with drainage holes
SOLE: Flexible rubber sole with drainge ports that provide high traction
WEIGHT: Lightweight and flexible
BEST SUITED FOR: Any outdoor activity on land or in the water


  • Rubber soles with a high-traction design and several drainage points
  • Soft EVA foam insoles with drainage points
  • Multiple colors and designs available


  • Not durable

ALEADER Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

General Impression

These aqua shoes by Aleader take the lead in our list due to their smart combination of all sorts of features that would make any water shoe great. Aleader managed to create one of the best water shoes for women that is lightweight, stable, quick-drying, and comfortable, perfect for all conditions and activities, both in the water and out.

The upper, made of durable air mesh and practically seamless for comfort, is lightweight and extremely well-designed. The mesh fabric wraps around the foot seamlessly and is covered with tiny drainage holes that let the water out. It also features a sock-like collar that delivers a snug and natural fit. Another great feature is its ComforDry sock liner, which provides added cushioning and helps for quicker drying, making the shoe cooler and comfortable.

For stability and grip, the sole is Solyte, a lightweight and rubber-like material, that provides excellent grip and bounce back. It also features strategically-placed drainage holes that enhance the shoe’s traction, cushioning, and comfort.

The whole shoe is designed to be as breathable and quick-drying as possible, so all materials are lightweight and water-wicking, resulting in an optimal choice for wearing during extended periods of time.

These stylish water shoes for women come in a variety of colors and designs to fit every taste.


MATERIAL: Solyte midsole, mesh upper, ComforDry sock liner
SOLE: Solyte midsole with drainage holes for quick water-wicking. Extremely lightweight, high cushioning and excellent traction
WEIGHT: Very lightweight, perfect for traveling
BEST SUITED FOR: Everyone looking for an all-around travel and adventure shoe. Any land or water-based activity such as hiking, snorkeling, or swimming


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile for all kinds of activities
  • High-traction for difficult terrains
  • Well-ventilated and cushioned feel


  • Sizing inconsistent

ALEADER Women's Water Hiking Shoe

General Impression

Aleader appears again on this list with another outstanding model.

Probably one of the best hiking water shoes, this model has a hiking shoe construction that delivers an excellent and snug fit for added protection and coverage.

These Aleader water shoes for women are almost identical to any high-quality hiking shoe, with the exception that they feature a very well-engineered drainage system at the soles and upper that helps dry the shoes in no time.

The mesh upper is made of a quick-dry fabric that wicks moisture away while fully covering the foot. It is lined with synthetic ribbon along the sides for added support and stability, allowing you to tackle every sort of terrain.

The ribbons on the sides hold the quick-lacing bungee system in place, making them one of the more supportive women’s hiking water shoes in the market.
Another excellent feature is the reinforced PU protection at the toes for added safety while exploring rugged terrains and sharp reefs.

The sole has an extremely well-designed construction with superior shock-absorption, cushioning, and water drainage capabilities. In terms of functionality, the shoe is great for traveling, hiking, and roaming around the beach.


MATERIAL: Quick-dry mesh upper, PU toe tip, synthetic ribbon, EVA/RB sole
SOLE: Shock-absorbing EVA/RB outsole
WEIGHT: Very lightweight and elastic
BEST SUITED FOR: Hikers. Great for rugged terrain


  • Exceptional design
  • Great water drainage systems
  • Very snug and secure fit
  • Sturdy and versatile for difficult tracks


  • A bit wide for a small foot

Buyer's Guide



Refers to the way a fabric is woven together to form a net-like barrier. This material is perfect for water shoes because it has fantastic water-wicking properties and allows for a full-protection while maintaining the shoe’s drainage abilities.

The upper of the shoes is the element usually made of mesh. However, the mesh is often manufactured from different materials, or a combination of them, to achieve various properties. These mesh components consist of a blend of fabric, Lycra, neoprene, and other synthetic fibers. The higher the percentage of fabric, the faster the shoes dries.

Water Grip:

This material is usually the one used on the shoe’s outsole. It gives the shoe more traction and grip. Made of engineered rubber, water grip is designed to maintain grip in wet conditions. As such, the material is perfectly suited for more rugged terrains, rocks, waterfalls, reefs, and other potentially slippery and steep conditions.


This is a sponge-like resin used in car bumpers with an outstanding cushioning and shock-absorbing performance. Solyte is 50% lighter than EVA. Thus, shoes with Solyte soles tend to be significantly lighter. Solyte is the best choice for support and freedom of movement since its properties give the shoe an excellent bounce-back and cushioning.


This thermoplastic polymer is used in the soles of most shoes. Otherwise known as foam rubber, its properties add great cushioning. Although the material is a bit heavier than Solyte, high-quality EVA thermoplastics are incredibly sturdy and add durability.


Choosing the right kind of water shoe should depend mainly on the person’s purpose for using it. There is a wide variety of shoes out there, and each is better suited to a different kind of activity.
Here are some of the shoe types you may find and the activities they are best for:

Water shoes that resemble hiking shoes are probably the most rugged, resistant, and durable. You should use these shoes for outdoor activities in rough and challenging terrains that require complete amphibian gear. Such terrains would include tracks that run through streams, and waterfalls, or rugged, rocky beaches with shallow reefs. The volume of these shoes usually makes them more cumbersome and unsuitable for use with water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. The sturdier materials found in these hiking water shoes cause them to dry slower.

Sneaker-like aqua shoes are probably the most versatile of all. While they serve their purpose excellently in the water, they double seamlessly as regular sneakers. The materials used for these shoes are usually very light and comfortable so that they provide comfort over extended periods of time. Their lightness makes them perfect for traveling, running, boating, walking, light hiking, and almost any other water or land activity.

Bootie-like shoes are the sleekest and lightest of water shoes. Their small weight and bendable designs make them perfect for carrying on the go while their more diminutive, narrower soles make them feel like a second skin. Although not very suitable for hiking rough terrains or running, these shoes are perfect for snorkeling surfing, wading through shallow reefs, and other sports like yoga and pilates.


Below are the main four design features you should consider when choosing a water shoe:

Drainage system:

This is how the shoe gets rig of water and is usually a combined effort from the upper and the sole. Shoes should have drainage holes laid out in a manner that allows water to escape easily, without their design sacrificing comfort and ergonomics. Full-covered shoes use mesh and quick-drying materials for their upper to achieve proper drainage, while sandal-like shoes rely on big holes—usually on the sides—for draining.


Many water shoes are designed specifically for women. As with any other sports shoes, this is a major advantage since other, unisex shoes can become uncomfortable or cause injury in the long run. For sneaker and hiking-like shoes, checking the size-chart is always a good idea, since these shoes require excellent fit for good performance. For better snugness and comfort, adding a pair of neoprene socks or similar piece of garment is always a great way to enhance fit.


A shoe’s aeration can be determined by observing its materials and construction. Believe it or not, some shoes even have antiseptic and antifungal materials for added protection. Highly-synthetic meshes tend to dry slower and are, therefore, less breathable. The shoe’s drainage system in the sole and insole also plays a vital role in aeration. Shoes that are not appropriately vented can rot, putting your feet at risk of infection or picking up fungi.


On slippery and challenging surfaces, grip and traction are critical. Depending on the activity, having a stronger or weaker grip could make all the difference in the world. Hiking-orientated water shoes have an outdoor-centered design, while bootie-like shoes are very elastic. This characteristic elasticity allows booties to hug surfaces. As such, both booties and hiking-orientated water shoes boast significant traction.

Soles that are not designed and treated for wet surfaces are never a viable substitute for the real thing. This compromise can prove highly dangerous.


What are water shoes?

Amphibian equipment that allows the wearer to function in dry conditions, possibly even for extended periods of time. They do so while keeping the wearer’s feet fresh and protected from external hazards. They are great for activities like walking on the beach, exploring shallow reefs and rock pools, snorkeling, hiking and wading through streams, rivers, or the ocean, etc.

What are water socks?

This slang term refers to bootie-like water shoes that give the user an added protection while feeling like a second skin. The size and weight of this garment make it perfect for using under fins or other types of equipment and for walking in rocky or hazardous surfaces at the beach or around wet areas. Their design also makes them great for added protection during barefoot sports such as yoga, aerobics, and pilates.

Are water shoes water-resistant?

Yes, most shoes have materials engineered to withstand wet and submerged conditions. They also have drainage systems that allow them to wick water and sweat off of one’s feet. Wicking keeps the wearer’s feet fresh and will allow them to dry as fast as possible after being in contact with water.

How should water shoes fit?

Depends on the model, although you want your shoes to be snug given the type of activities they are designed to withstand.
Sneaker-like shoes should feel like an ordinary sneaker, neither too tight nor too loose.

Hiking-like shoes are a little tighter initially; however, over time, they will stretch to be an exact fit. Buying loose hiking-like shoes puts them at risk of expanding to become unresolvedly too large.

Bootie-like shoes should fit like a sock.

How to wash water shoes?

Washing water shoes is dependent on their materials. However, rinsing well after any activity is always recommended to keep them from developing bad odors.

Where to buy water shoes?

There’s a variety of options available online. Amazon is always a cheap, safe, and convenient bet. However, if you are uncertain of your shoe size, shopping at a brick-and-mortar store allows you to fit the shoe correctly before purchasing it.


As always, we create our content with you, fellow adventurers, in mind. So, how’d we do? Did you find this informative? Did it help you make a decision? Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear from you below. Thanks for reading and we hope your next adventure is a great one!

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