About Us


They say to know the world is to know yourself –
But two-thirds of our world is water…
What does this say about us as a species?
Learn about our world of water with the Brothers of iDiveblue!


iDiveblue is a magazine-style blog that endeavours to create authentic content, build community amongst ocean lovers, and serve as an authority for those looking to learn. The content’s domain includes watersports, marine-related travel, marine conservation and anything else to do with the ocean. The content’s style ranges from gear reviews to scientific exposés and faces an international audience.


The website was founded by the Brothers of iDiveblue – a pair of ocean-obsessed South African Brothers – looking to bring the ocean to their readers.

Nate and Bill Liebenberg are Thalassophiles through and through. Nate (or Jonathan) formerly worked in finance and genetics, and now regularly features in ocean preservation podcasts. While Bill, a full-time Civil Engineer, draws on his super-yachting and watersport experience to guide enthusiasts looking to purchase gear. Both brothers have dived all around the world and both brothers are certified scuba divers and licensed boat skippers. Their adventures ensure that they can draw from a vast pool of knowledge throughout scuba, snorkeling, yachting, fishing and free diving. Whatever the activity – if it’s done in the water – Nate and Bill are bound to have tried it.

The Brothers work with a tightknit team of conservationists, diving instructors and travel fanatics to bring this knowledge and adventure to your shorelines – so jump in!


The website was designed to attract organic traffic, but this idea comes hand in hand with iDiveblue’s unique marketing approach. The website monetizes itself effectively without eyesore ads or comprising on the integrity of its marketing policies. It does so while simultaneously publishing high-quality, educational content about marine conservation that is in no way monetized yet exists profitably in symbiosis with the balance of the site. iDiveblue’s strategy holds that authenticity is the future of the world wide web.


The Brothers of iDiveblue have begun using the website as a platform to authentically connect ocean enthusiasts with resourced organizations. By bridging this gap and creating a community they hope to enable accessibility, shed light on the struggles of the underwater world, and create tangible ecological change.

Apart from providing conservationists with work, and building community, iDiveblue also regularly finds worthy causes to support and donate to.

Truthfully, as a species we do not know much about our oceans and so in many ways we do not know a lot about ourselves. Let iDiveblue be the resource that changes that. We are naive to the damage that our pollution causes to the oceans, because we do not see the ‘smog’ first hand. It is right to change our lifestyles to Go Green, but it’s about time we gave the ocean some love too – by striving, diving, and Going Blue.



Est. 2018