Scuba Diving Destinations

It is time to get ready, get set, and go… update your bucket list with some of iDiveblue’s awesome adventures! Below are some of our carefully curated, and epically authentic top Scuba Diving Destinations from around the world. With incredible sites, amazing visibility, and unforgettable scenery, who would not want to explore these underwater treasure troves? Well, our fearless team of writers most certainly cannot help themselves. When it comes to Scuba Diving Destinations, sometimes having first-hand knowledge can make the difference to your next trip when it comes to some of the lesser-known wonders. And with so much the explore, it would be a shame if you wasted time on shore. So checkout our latest and greatest guides, and who knows, maybe if you are lucky and read on, you may find some hidden gems in the wonderful world of Scuba Diving.